Rīga Rīdzene Rotary club initiative “Let’s Support the Physicians – Doctors and Nurses – Fighting COVID!” is developing. Part I

The Christmas tree, which we all donated together, shones as a warm greeting to the doctors at the Covid department of Balvi Hospital! The decorations came from the members of the Rotary club Rīdzene and Linda Mūrniece Freiberga We were supported by Ramirent Riga office free to lift the tree. More sweets for doctors and nurses ( marshmallow cakes, pasta, cookies!) were donated. The tree was decorated by the children of the Balvi Youth Center.

Rezekne physicians, who are directly related to Covid patients, was provided with a three-course Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve, the First and Second Christmas. There are about 30 of them in each shift, 90 doctors in three shifts. The delivery will be made by the company “Black Pearl” chosen by the hospital activists, which maintains a cafe in Rēzekne. Money to cover the expenses were sent – according to the invoice. The contact person from the hospital board is Ivars Zvīdris, who is also a member of the Jēkabpils Rotary Club.

Riga Ridzene Rotary club has transferred € 730 to the Jelgava Rotary Club, which will organize and coordinate the care for 76 doctors in the Jelgava Emergency Department, the Social Care Center and four departments of the Jelgava Hospital. Contact person – President of Jelgava Rotary Club Viesturs Reinfelds.

Gvido Liepiņš, President of Jēkabpils Rotary Club, who was the head of Jēkabpils Hospital a few years ago, found out with his former colleagues the best way to please the doctors working in the three departments affected by Covid – three capsule coffee machines with a small “start” kit – 30 capsules of black coffee plus for 30 servings of cappuccino in each division, a total of 90 + 90. The Rotarians of Jēkabpils will add gingerbread, some sweets, maybe disposable coffee cups and something else. The money of 257 € were transferred according to the invoice for coffee-machines, coffee and capsules.

In Ventspils, the president of the club Raimonds Lācis reacted very quickly and in communication with the head of the hospital, his surname Juris Lācis, talked to local caterers. They will enrich our donation of 350,-eur and coordinate the process.

Riga Rīdzene Rotary club contacted Liepāja hospital and the cafe “Romas dārzs” in Liepaja. The proposal was to cooperate to support physicians at Liepāja hospital during Christmas. Small donation of Riga Ridzene rotary (90,- eur) initiated caterers to provide medical workers with Christmas lunch.

We still invite you to read about the initiative “Let us support the physicians – doctors and nurses – who fight Covid” and suport it. We can do a lot together!

Donation money account number:


Latvian branch of Luminor Bank

AS Beneficiary – Riga Rīdzene Rotary Club

Reg. No. 40008012629

Purpose – Donation to the campaign ” Support for Physicians on the COVID Front Lin

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