Riga Ridzene Rotary Club is active to expand its activities internationally.

@Club was the initiator of the Charity concert to collect the money for the support of children from the Ukrainian families that has suffered during the war in the Eastern Ukraine. The initiative was supported by all the Rotary clubs in Latvia as well as clubs from Lithuania, Sweden and Estonia.

As a result – four groups of children (15 children in a group) came  to Latvia for a 2-week rehabilitation in the Social integration and rehabilitation center in Jurmala.

@Club supports common Rotary Foundation projects such as Polio plus and Rotary Youth Exhange program.

@ Members of Riga Ridzene RC have also participated in Rotary Friendship Exchange Program. In 2012 two Rotarians visited Arizona, USA, RD 5500; in 2013 – three Rotarians visited Gujarat, India, RD 3060; in 2015 – again 1 Rotarian visited Gujarat.

As international activities we can also mention common projects with Swedish Rotary Clubs in 2014, 2015  and with the Norwegian clubs in 2019

In 2014 there was a charity concert in Kisa church, which was organized by the Kisa Rotary Club and Riga Ridzene Rotary Club. The member of Riga Ridzene RC Opera singer Sergejs Jegers took part at the charity concert; the 6 members of Riga Ridzene RC also visited Kisa to attend the concert and meet with Kisa RC members. The money raised at the concert went to support „Children Creative Summer Camp in Latvia-2014”, which is organized annually for children from poor families.

In 2015 such charity concert was held in the church of Ödeshög also to support “Children Creative Summer Camp in Latvia”. The organizer of the concert was Ödeshög RC and Riga Ridzene RC. Sergejs Jegers again took part at the charity concert and members of Riga Ridzene RC visited Ödeshög to meet Rotary friends.