Riga Rīdzene Rotary  service to local communities.

Riga Ridzene Rotary is  active in several directions as concerns service to  local communities

@ Coordinating joint projects with Rotaract for providing assistance for families in need in Latvia. Project leader from the side ofRiga Ridzene Rotary – Rudolfs Bremanis
On October 19, 2019 the coordinator for joint projects with Rotaract for providing assistance for families in need in Latvia Mr Rudolfs Bremanis participated in transporting charity packages (mostly clothes and shoes for children) gathered and assembled by organization Labdaribas Lapa to families in Latvia that are seeking for support. The problem that needs support is the delivery – cars and drivers.
Next event will take place on November 16, 2019 and we are looking for additional cars and drivers.
The year 2019 began with the care for children with special needs.
Rotary  Ridzene club participated preparing 102  NEW Year gifts with sweets

@ Support  of the historical building of  Riga  Latvian Society 

Every year charity money is collected during the Latvia state Anniversary  Rotary Charity Ball  November 17 in the Riga Latvian Society building.  Riga Ridzene Rotary club initiated the  event, but majority of clubs participate. Collected financial means are spent to reconstruct the building.

@ Support of children from large families and in need of palliative care 

Every year an  Open  Riga Ridzene  Tennis Charity Tournament is organised ( end of June) as well as charity concerts  to raise the financial means for the children from large families. The financial means ar collected with the help of charity auctions  (February 13) too.. The money is spent to organize   summer camps for  the children who needs   palliative care.

@support of Latvia primary schools in  different reģions of Latvia

@ support of the activities of other clubs in Latvia.

Every year  in December members of the  club participate in Santa Run charity event organized by Riga International club, donates financial means for the projects of other clubs

@In order to save lives and  to  promote  donor movement in Latvia,  Latvian “Rotary” club members will  participate in   “Rotary Donor Week” April  18 to 22, 2016

The  symbolic opening event  is held at the Freedom Monument  participants  t donate blood in the State Blood Donor Center (SBDC)  specialized bus