Riga Ridzene Rotary  and Hunn/Gjøvik Rotary clubs begin a new international

Global grant project

 “Swimming as a lifesaving skill”


Members of both clubs met to   make outlines of our common Global Grant  charity  project.


This project is  aimed to help to solve the problem of the  children  drowning  in Latvia  “Swimming as a Lifesaving Skill”. At the moment  statistics puts LV  in  the first place in the EU  – 6 drowned  children per  100 000 people.  The most effective way to combat drowning deaths is through appropriate and effective preventive measures. Experts agree that swimming and water safety lessons for children are critical. Latvia has no cohesive swimming  programs so far , with each trainer teaching in their own way. The education of trainers is vital, along with a proven and systematic approach to teaching children and adults. The  equipment  to save people’s lives until the ambulance arrives  is also vital.

The total cost of the project is planned to be around 60 000 Euros  We, host sponsor Riga Ridzene RC in D2410 and international sponsor Hunn/Gjøvik RC in D2305, hope  that the project could come  true  with the  support of our friends – Rotary clubs in Latvia  and abroad.

In case of interest to get the information about the project in detail , please contact Mrs. Ina Resčevska, Project leader , Riga Ridzene RC, D2410, Latvia ,  and Mr. Arne Mellerud, Hunn/Gjøvik RC, 2305, Norvay,

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Donation FOR Jekabpils Hospital MEDICAL APPARATUS

Ridzene club participated in the project donating around 6000 euros. Here we are Together with Rotarians from Sweden, visiting Jānis Verlis house (Hansa Rotary club). The meeting was dedicated to the success of the project – the aim of the project was reached as Jekabpils hospital got much needed medical apparatus to help ill children.

Rotary Ridzene organized charity ball from 2012-2018

Latvian International Rotary Charity Ball, dedicated to the Anniversary of the foundation of the Latvian state  ( founded November 18, 1918) took place  each year November 17 at the Riga Latvian Society House.
The ball was  organized by  Rotary clubs of Latvia under the supervision of Riga Ridzene Rotary Club. The event took place each year for six years – until Latvia’s state Centenary. It was widely recognized  by society and developed into the largest open national celebration  event that brought together the spirit of  patriotic pride, social cohesion and cooperation. The Ball’s charity donations during six years reached 100 000 euros – a substantial sum which was spent   to restore  the historic  house as  an important national heritage element. Since 2019 the organization was taken over by the Riga Latvian society house itself, but it has remained as the biggest charity event where all the charity clubs from Latvia participate.