Club is active to promote and support leadership development activities via  Rotaract  projects, and to develop  international understanding with the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

The Riga Ridzene Rotary participates in  Youth Exchange programme and welcomes applications from young people.  As an exchange students young people can  be hosted for a year by another Rotary Club in one of the countries.

Beside the long-term exchange programmes Rotary offers also Summer Camps.  Summer camps are offered to young people in different age ranges. Participants  are nominated by a Rotary Club.   Club organizes the host families and the activities. Students are  expected to  contact our club directly if they are interested in participating.

Short-term exchange programmes/family-to-family exchange are exchanges with countries worldwide, where students stay in families for three to six weeks and invite a guest from that family into their own family.

If you would like to get in contact with our Rotary Club regarding the above programmes please contact our club.






In 2018-2019 Tereze Urbane from Latvia was an exchange student (Rotaract member,  financed by   Ridzene club)  who spent almost a year in  Gvadalahar (Mexico) as an exchange student and   visited three different clubs in  USA.  Her aim was to acquire a new experience  and languages  as well as acquaint the youth from different states around  the world with Latvia.



Alena and her granddad J.Freibergs – past President of Ridzene Rotary club

Screenshot_2019-11-11 Alēna_ASV docx

Alēna was as  a Youth Exchange  Program Participant  –  a representative  from  Latvia Ridzene club  and  was met  in USA by   Rotary Club of Newark (USA) as a guest  of   a family of  Cepulo  in 2018. Alena attended a local school, participated in different events organized by school ,  made there a lot of   friends, got acquainted with the sights and  culture  the state . She also participated in several events organized by Newark Rotary club..

Samantha Jane CEPULO,   Youth Exchange  Program Participant  from USA



Samanta together with a receiving family of J.Freibergs  and his wife

Samantha Jane CEPULO,   Youth Exchange  Program Participant  from Newark (state of NY), representative of  Rotary Club of Newark (USA) is a guest  of   a family of J.Freibergs, ex-president of  Riga Ridzene Rotary club. Samanta attends   local Marupe middle school, has made there a lot of   friends, has  got acquainted with the sights and  culture of Latvia. September 6 Samanta was a guest of  a Riga Ridzene Rotary club meeting