Riga Ridzene rotary club has got diversified interests  and activities.  Apart from keeping close ties with other rotary clubs from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania , Rithene has got many friends from Rotary clubs in  different parts of the world.
Our club regards that service to the local community is  a very important  aspect of theactivities of the club.
Apart from it our club pays  a special interest to international service and to the youth exchange programsSanta’s Fun Run on December 8, 2019, Riga

Santa’s Fun Run on December 8, 2019, RigaPHOTO-2019-12-08-12-14-42

Every Year Riga International Rotary club organizes charity event – Santa’s Fun Run. This year it took place December 8. Riga Rīdzene Rotary club members also took part .

Rotary District 2410 administrators meeting in Riga


Meeting took place December 6, 2019.It was chaired by District Governor Johan Gustafsson. Governor elect and Governor nominated also participated as well as all the administrative persons from the District. Among them –  four members of Riga Rīdzene Rotary club  who fulfill obligations of the administrators of the District in different  fields of  activity.

Ridzene club member Ina Reščevska – District Governor’s assistant!



Ina Reščevska – Rotary club Ridzene past President – has been chosen to become an assistant of the Governor of our district Johan Gustaffson.

Ina will supervise clubs of Jurmala and International Rotary club in Latvia. Here we can see them together with the representatives of the Jurmala club.


The Beginning of the new Rotary Year 2019/2020


Ridzene Rotaru club July2, 2019.  The newly elected President  Martinš Šics (2019/2020) the secretary Ludmila Jansone (2019/2020) and the outgoing President Ina Resčevska (2018/2019) and secretary Larisa Mirošņičenko ( 2018/2019) as well as “minister of finances” JānisFreibergs  (2019/2020) after the Chain exchange ceremony.

Lithuania District Conference , October 25-26, 2019

Members of Ridzene Rotary club Ina Reščevska and Larisa Miroshnikova participated in the Lithuania District conference. Picture shows the close relations with the President of the District Arunas Burkšas.