Rīga Rīdzene Rotary club initiative “Let’s Support the Physicians – Doctors and Nurses – Fighting COVID!” is developing. Part III

One more month has passed being in the regime of the  total lockdown, but  the project goes on.  

In February Rīga Ridzene Rotary club  got financial suport from our friends LINKOPINGS ROTARY CLUB. Club members donated 901.64 EUR. Thank you very much, dear friends!

What  has been  done during the last month? Lockdown restricts activities, but, despite of it, Rotarytarians   do whatever  they can.

So Riga Ridzene Rotary club  – as the central club of the Project – donated 380, –  EUR to support the initiative of Valmiera Rotary club who  provide medics at the Covid departaments of the local hospital  with fresh snacks on everyday bases.

Different other problems emerge. Thus, it came out that  the oppressive silence in the wards, influences   both  – the patient’s and the physicians.  It  is not conducive to recovery at all. Balvi executive director Lana Upīte approached our club,  and  – as a result of it  – Rotaryans provided the hospital with 19 radios: 17 in the wards and two for nurse positions where they are  on duty. Thus  patients, whose situation is improving , can listen to both music and news. M.Solima , the initiator of the project,   was told by L.Upīte that,   when the music sounded in the wards, the joy and surprise was so genuine that one of the patients, who recovered from Covid,  even complained: “How unfortunate that just now  I have to go home”. Greatest thanks to  doctors, who can see the patients’ feelings behind the goggles and spacesuits!

The purchase of radios has been made from the donation fund “Support for doctors on the Covid front”, EUR 272.04  has been issued.

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