Rotary Clubs’ Helping Hand to The Graden of Destiny

August 8, 2020 Salaspils Rotary club organized all Rotary clubs  to  visit  the Garden of Destiny  – a symbol of nation’s continuous growth and development.  It is situated on an island of Daugava river. This time it was a working visit – to help to maintain the garden.   In short – rotarians  worked as hard as they  could despite extreme heat. We removed unwanted wild plants, collected the dry branches,  trimmed from the bushes,   Guys – in the open field  – picked up unnecessary stones, pushed and stretched them with   carts. Looks like  a not very difficult job, but in the extreme heat!!!! But well – Salaspils club had organized everything on  the level, the representation of our Riga Rídzene  club seemed to be  the largest. We worked approximately  3 hours, had a lunch approximately also 3 hours . The Ita’s, Larisa’s and Kaspar’s family members  also took part in the joint work – really Rotarian tradition!

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