VIVAT Future Charity foundation and Riga Ridzene Rotary club supported talented children from Latvia

Ita Zālīte , Rīga Rīdzene Rotay club member is the main representative of Rotarians supporting VIVAT future project

The charity project VIVAT  future of the German investment company VIVAT  Multitalent AG was introduced  in 2016 to support  young talents of Europe in need of a platform that can be a window to a large, bright, beautiful future.  0,2 % of the total annual investment of this company’s clients has been given to young talents of Europe also in 2019.  To support talented children the VIVAT FUTURE Foundation has donated € 60,597 this year.

Of these, EUR 29203  were donated  for supporting talented children in Latvia. Riga Ridzene Rotary club  and other  Rotary  clubs in Latvia  participated in the process of  selection of   children this year. By means of appropriate application system   Riga Rīdzene  Rotary club  nominated several talented children, of whom 5 children received support for the achievement of a total sum of 8051 EUR.

Daniels  Gribáns  –  to participate in international competition in Holland, Greek-Roman Fight.

Asne Kaškure  –  to purchase a flute.

Rézija Marta Zegnere  – to organize  a solo exhibition of paintings.

Patriks  Lass  –  to buy a guitar.

Daniels Mickevičs  –  to participate  in the International Piano Competition SUMMER Fest 2020

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