Santa’s Fun Run on December 8, 2019, Riga

Every Year Riga International Rotary club organizes charity event –  Santa’s Fun Run. This year it took place  December 8.

Riga Ridzene Rotary club participates   in the  charity  event every  year. The money, collected during the event, will be donated to the Dr. Clowns Association in order to please the children who have been admitted to Latvian hospitals and to promote their speedy recovery.

Christmas Santa’s charity race has become a nice tradition for many people in Latvia. It is an event filled with positive emotions with hundreds participating: families, attractive business teams and collectives,
as well as individual participants. Charity race participants who are all
dressed in Santa’s costumes are united by the goal – to help children in the Latvia hospitals recover faster.

This year, December 8, for the twelfth time, Old Riga streets was full with so much the famous Santa cry “Ho, ho, ho!” 1500 persons took part. Among them – also members of the Rīga Rīdzene rotary club.

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