Tørring-Uldum Rotary Club (Denmark) members in Riga


Members form Tørring-Uldum Rotary Club ( Denmark)  spent several sunny days in Latvia, visited Riga, Jūrmala, Rundāle   and an evening together with some of Riga Ridzene rotary club members. Apart from exchanging banners , both sides spent several hours together,  discussing   issues about development of Rotarian movement, international politics and economy. Next day our guests spent  a time at Jūrmala ( sea shore resort) and  at the   Rundāle Palace  (the 16th century building)  – treasury of rococo and baroque in Latvia.  Ina – and Larisa – members  of  our  club  – joined Danish friends during their trip to Jūrmala and Rundāle.

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