Riga Ridzene club members congratulated Arnstadt Rotary club with its 25th anniversary



Riga Ridzene Rotary club members were among about 110 guests who congratulated Arnstadt Rotary club  on the occasion of its 25th

But before arriving in Arnstadt, representatives from Riga Ridzene club Maija,  Ina, Modris and Larisa spent a day in Weimar  because of a  well understandable reason  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Arnstadt Rotary club was chartered into the Rotary family in 1994, but   club to club friendship  between  Arnstadt  and Riga Ridzene clubs  began in  2007.



Riga Ridzene Rotary club  President Gundars Bedre putting his signature on  the cooperation agreement. Arnstadt. 2007.


Now in 2019, celebrating Arnstadt  Rotary club birthday , friends spent a time together  during  the celebration  ceremony in the town hall. The  greetings  from  the town ‘s deputies  and from other clubs  took place as well as  presentation of  the founding history of the club in a podium discussion. Later  a pleasant party was  attended by numerous guests.

Next day Riga Ridzene members spent some time also in Arnstadt itself, the oldest town in Thuringia and,   at the same time  – a  large industrial area with many global companies,

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