Youth Exchange group from Malaysia




A group of five young people  from Rotary  Petaling Jaya Club (Malaysia)  visited Latvia December 13-27, 2018. Their visit in  Latvia was a part of the group exchange  program organized as a  part  of the  Twin club Agreement between  Petaling Jaya Club (Malaysia)  and Riga Ridzene Rotary club (Latvia).

Young people get acquainted with snow and Riga  and Old town, Gauja National Park  in order to meet wild mammal species living in Latvia  and   Rundale castle to get to know the history of previous centuries. They also visted  Tartu ( Estonia) and spent two days sightseeing  Ventspiils port city at the western coast of Latvia, went  to Sigulda ( Latvian Switzerland) and learned how to make the Nameja ring for themselves at a craftsman’s shop, visited Kuldiga (town in Kurzeme) where made photos with the Christmas tree, spent Christmas together with their host families.



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