Centenary Charity Ball


In 2018, November 18 Latvia celebrated a hundred years since it became an independent state. With festivities at home and all around the world, Latvia presented the best it can offer in culture, lifestyle and innovation.

The 7th annual Rotary  Charity ball  took place November 17. It was the   the biggest ball in Latvia, gathering  together 700 rotarians,  businessmen, patrons and artists from Latvia,  Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Germany   into the halls of the Riga Latvian Society.

The first Latvian entrepreneurs built the RLS House and laid the foundations for the independent state of Latvia. With this  Charity ball we are continuing their legacy. Charity ball is organized  by Rotary clubs of Latvia, Club 41, Lions, Zontas, Rotaract.

Donations are invested in restoration and preservation of the RLS House. As when it was built and as it stands today – RLS House is our nation’s heritage for now and the future.

The concert and paintings  of Latvian artists for auction has been donated by Latvian artists.


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